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Set up Commercial On-Premise Laundry near Belton, South Carolina

On Premise Laundry

On-Premise Laundry Installations

Optimize your business’s laundry by installing on-premise machines. There is more to the process than just buying a commercial-grade washer and dryer. We consider the factors that are important to your business, like energy efficiency, reducing labor requirements, cutting linen replacements costs and so on.

Laundry for Your Industry

Contact SLM Commercial Laundry Products if you need on-premise laundry for health care, hospitality, public sector, manufacturing or other ventures. We combine your needs with our in-depth knowledge of the industry to find the perfect machine.

Judging Your Needs

Before you take the step to invest in on-premise laundry machines, consider what you need. Measure the space where you will put your on-premise laundry. Consider your facility’s power and water systems. Note the number of the linens that need to be washed and the frequency of cycles you would like to run. After you get a mental picture of your laundry situation, we can help you make the right decision.​

Popular Features

We are refining the laundry practice, which has come a long way since the washboards and lye soap our ancestors used. Commercial technology has made great strides in making the process easier and more time-efficient. The industry has tailored its advancements to suit the needs of business owners like you. On-premise commercial washing machines and dryers now often include some of the following features.

  • Preprogrammed Cycles
  • Automatic Chemical Injection
  • Intuitive Microprocessor Controls
  • Increased Spin Speed
  • Intelligent Energy and Detergent Adjusters
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