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Plan Your Multi-housing Laundry near Belton, South Carolina

When tenants are looking for a place to live, proper laundry facilities are a major consideration. You want people to choose your apartments, condos or living community, so you want the best laundry facilities for them. 

Keep Laundry in Mind

As laundry facilities can heavily impact leasing decisions, you want to consider where it will go and what machines it will need while you are planning and maintaining any multihousing unit. Whether you provide complementarily or vended laundry services, contact SLM Commercial Laundry Products to help you with every step. 
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Larger Apartment Facilities

Large apartment structures can house many residents in a small space, and laundry facilities are very important to fit the needs of your guests or tenants. For bigger apartment facilities, we recommend placing a laundry in the center of the main floor of your structure with one washer and dryer for every 20 units.

High-Rise Apartments

High-rise apartments can hold a large amount of residents in a small space, and laundry facilities are very important in making your guests feel at home. Depending upon the height of the structure, the laundry can be concentrated in one large area or several smaller locations throughout the building. One Dexter washer and one dryer are recommended for every 20 units.

Small, Low-Rise or Garden Apartment Complexes

For smaller housing facilities, laundry locations can vary by layout but are usually located in convenient common areas. We recommend one washer and dryer for every eight to 12 apartments.

Condos, Co-Ops, Senior Centers, Assisted Living and Communal Living

For planned communities, the most common setup is to have centralized laundry rooms. Usually, these establishments are amenity-oriented, offering seating and vending machines. We recommend one washer and one dryer for every eight to 12 residences.

Multi-housing Laundry Products

We carry a variety of commercial laundry brands for communal laundry facilities in multihousing situations. Two of our top-rated brands are Dexter and Whirlpool, both of which are durable and would fit the needs of your laundries. Give us a call and we’ll help you make a plan and pick the right units for your space. We do not set up individual unit washers and dryers.

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