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Laundry Setup and Installation near Belton, South Carolina

Whether you’re remodeling your laundry or setting up a completely new establishment, we offer the following services to aid in the process.

Location Analysis

We provide and interpret demographics for possible locations and participate and assist in site preparation.

Design and Construction Planning

With our extensive knowledge of the laundry industry, we can assist or manage store and laundry room design and construction, including such considerations as decor, furniture, lighting, equipment layout, proper sizing of utilities, make-up air requirements, accessory equipment requirements, vending options, amusements, parking and more.

Product Selection

Let us help you select the proper laundry equipment and any other laundry room accessories for your business.


We can provide you with proven ideas for marketing your products and services.

Financial Assistance

Through our partnership with Dexter Financial, we are often able to provide your business with lease options or financial help.


If you have trouble with your machines before we assist you with setup, we can troubleshoot existing design and operational problems.


We will come to your location in South Carolina, North Carolina or Georgia and install your equipment and other laundry accessories.

Provide parts

As your expert laundry machinery provider, we stock and supply Dexter and other vendor parts at nominal pricing.

Initial Setup and Installation


We can provide future warranty protection and economical service on our machines.

Technical Updates

As your laundry technology ages, we can demonstrate and implement technological upgrades by automating your laundry systems through computerization, palm pilot technology and card systems. 

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