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Financing: How to Finance Your Coin-Operated Laundry Business


You're interested in starting a coin-operated laundry, but how do you finance it? A coin-operated laundry is going to naturally incur some expenses: washers, dryers, vending machines, and, of course, insurance. Start-up costs for a laundromat can exceed $200,000, depending on your size, equipment, and location.

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Benefits of Running a Coin-Operated Laundry


Whether you're a part of a condo association or responsible for the management of a townhome community, you may want to consider the benefits of installing a coin-operated laundry area on site.

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3 Ways To Lower Laundromat Overhead Expenses


Even if you are already operating a relatively successful laundromat, there are always ways to cut down your overhead costs to see a larger profit on the services you already offer. The cost of water, natural gas, and electricity can be high in laundromats, and there are easy ways to lower each of these bills. 

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