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Eco-Friendly Laundry Practices for Hotels

Hotel Laundry
Environmentally friendly laundry practices are an important feature for hotels to adopt. These practices can help hotels save on cost and protect the environment. They also can aid in hotel marketing because environmentally friendly practices can attract clients who recognize the environmental impact their travel has and want to reduce their footprint while traveling.

Read on for some ways hotels can change their laundry practices to lessen their impact on the environment, save money, and attract new customers.

Invite Guests to Help

In order to save on energy and water use, change policies that require washing sheets and towels every day for guests who have multi-day stays at your hotel. Inform guests that housekeeping will only wash their sheets and towels every other day or every third day, unless they request otherwise.

Many environmentally conscious hotel guests will be happy to sleep on the same sheets for two or three days in a row or help with your efforts by hanging wet towels on bars or hooks to be used again the next day. Instruct housekeeping staff to only replace towels that are left on the floor.  

Choose Products Wisely

When choosing laundry soap and other products, consider purchasing those products in bulk. Doing so will reduce the amount of packaging you eventually will have to throw away.

You also can find ways to reuse the packaging your laundry soap comes in. For example, if your laundry soap comes in large plastic buckets, ask your housekeeping team to use those buckets to store rags or act as trash cans in areas where guests won't see them.

In addition, pay close attention to the formula of the laundry soap you use in your hotel. Many products contain toxic chemicals that can harm the environment. Choose products with innocuous ingredients that are effective, but have a low environmental impact. Inform guests of your choice so that environmentally minded travelers can feel good about their choice to stay in your hotel. 

Be aware that some cleaning product companies use greenwashing techniques. Greenwashing is the practice of using words that make the product sound environmentally friendly, but actually mean nothing.

Know which ingredients you should avoid, and be sure to read labels to make sure they aren't in any of the products you choose. Also keep in mind that non-toxic washing products will have less of a negative impact on your employees' health. 

Invest in Efficient Equipment

The more linens a hotel's washer and dryer can hold, the fewer energy and water resources the equipment uses. Modern washers and dryers also are more efficient than older machines, so purchasing newer equipment, although expensive at first, saves money in the long run.

According to a study done by the Environmental Protection Agency, 15 percent of the commercial water use in the United States comes from the hotel industry. If efficient machines are used in a hotel, less water will be used and less energy is needed to heat the water.

Some hotels choose to use cold water to wash linens and then air dry them for further energy savings when using their modern, efficient equipment. If disinfecting is a concern, hotel managers should keep in mind that if the proper cleaning solutions are used, cold water can be just as good at disinfecting linens as hot water. 

Contact SLM Commercial Laundry Products to discuss your laundry facility options in your hotel.  We can help if you are interested in upgrading your laundry machines to more modern, efficient machines that use less water, energy, and detergent — all of which will save your hotel money and protect the planet.
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