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Benefits of Annual Laundry Machine Service

Benefits of Annual Laundry Machine Service

As a laundromat owner or the owner of numerous washing and drying machines, you have a lot to keep track of. One of the most important things to do is to schedule an annual machine service. This will help you keep your machines working properly and save you money by identifying possible problems.

Parts Replacement

When a part breaks, it can be costly. On top of the cost of the part, there is also the downtime of the machine. A trained repair technician can determine if any parts need to be replaced on your washer or dryer before they go bad. Parts that commonly wear out include:
  • Motors
  • Water pumps
  • Belts
  • Heating element (igniter)

Cleaning and Repairing

One of the most common service tasks is cleaning the smaller parts of the washing and drying machines. You may be able to clean the surfaces, and probably the lint screens, but a service tech can get to harder places. It’s important to keep the vents, hoses and connections clean so they aren’t overworking or wearing down.


Laundry machines are in constant motion when in use. This means lots of little parts can loosen or shift. A service tech will tighten fasteners, nuts and bolts to make sure they’re secure and keeping every other part in place.
Make sure your laundry machines are working at their top capacity with an annual service. Properly functioning machines lead to happy customers and happy customers will keep coming back to your laundromat. To schedule an annual maintenance appointment, call Service Laundry Machinery toll free at 800-845-2585!
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