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A Laundromat and Gym in One: Cater to Busy Lifestyles

Many people each day find themselves struggling with the dilemma of not having enough hours in the day to take care of their errands and fit in time at the gym. One of those errands they may have and be tempted to put off again in exchange for fitting in a workout could be doing their laundry.
You can offer those people the answer to the problem they face. You can offer them the ability to do their laundry while they work out on gym equipment you provide in the same facility as your laundromat equipment.
Take Advantage of a Growing Industry
Recent reports show that the US health and fitness industry is up to $30 billion and growing at a rate of at least 3% a year over the last ten years. Rising health insurance costs and the recent push for healthier eating has contributed toward these numbers.
However, according to the Census Bureau, the $5 billion-dollar laundry industry has declined by 20% since 2005. The rising costs of utilities and machine maintenance have contributed to this decline.
If you were to combine a laundromat and a workout facility, then you could bring up the income for your laundry section by taking advantage of the growing interest in gyms and health clubs.
Offer Payments That Work for You and Your Customers
You can set up memberships or structure payments in a variety of ways. For example, you can charge for a gym membership and include the cost of laundry in that fee. You can put a cap on the number of loads per month your customers can do for that fee. If they go over the allotted amount, then they can pay per load.
You can also offer a nominal fee for gym use on a per-visit basis and have customers pay per load as they normally would. No matter how you structure the payments, you would bring in more people and, therefore, more revenue. You may find people come in just to use the gym if you have the nearest workout facilities to their home or along their commute.
Take Advantage of Other Income Opportunities
You may also want to sell items such as veggie and fruit smoothies, bottled water, and workout attire. This would be one more way you can generate some more revenue, and the area needed to offer this service wouldn't take up much floor space.
Work Within Your Facility's Capabilities
You can offer your customers anything from a few exercise machines to a full circuit gym, depending on the amount of space you can dedicate to your workout area. What really matters is you provide busy customers a solution to their problem: the ability to clean their laundry without skipping a workout.
Bring In a New Crowd
Offering two services in one convenient location will bring in customers who would otherwise not have been in your target market.
The draw to such a place may even persuade people with laundry facilities available in their apartments to bring their laundry to your laundromat instead. College students will like having the ability to do loads while they burn off that late study night pizza at the same time. Parents will enjoy doing laundry and getting in a workout while the kids are in school.
Get Set Up With Superior Laundry Equipment Now
At SLM Commercial Laundry Products, we can help you set up your laundromat with commercial laundry machines, coin machines, and the other laundry equipment you need to run your facility. We will continue to support you by servicing your equipment when need be. Contact us now to get started.
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